Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment

Rebuilding Together Boston envisions and creates a better world by preventing homelessness, generating wealth for homeowners and strengthening neighborhoods. Our work has for years been focused in Black and Brown neighborhoods in Boston. Despite our effort and contribution, we acknowledge that this moment in American history is different and requires additional reflection and intentional action with regard to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Rebuilding Together Boston rejects police violence and violence in all forms and stands with all those who are working to realize justice, equity, and inclusion. As an organization that serves BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) communities and as an organization focused on housing, we see first-hand the impact that generations of systemic racism (especially housing and criminal justice policies) have had on the wealth, health and safety of BIPOC communities.

We acknowledge that for us to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion in society, we must identify and address our shortcomings, including the lack of diversity on our own board. For Rebuilding Together Boston to achieve its mission and effectively serve BIPOC communities, we will diversify our board.

Rebuilding Together Boston is a community engagement partner. We will deepen our commitment and engage in a more deliberative process with community-based organizations in our planning process. We will increase efforts to educate volunteers and partners about institutional racism. We will reflect on each of our programs and decisions to determine if the program or action serves to help dismantle systemic racism and/or build-up communities of color.

We will exercise leadership in a sustained effort of continuous improvement, not to comply but to serve in solidarity and to make progress. We are committed to responding to our shortcomings and to building on our strengths. Some actions will be immediate, and others will take time to implement. We acknowledge that the work of racial justice is urgent and ongoing and that Rebuilding Together Boston can play a beneficial role in healing.