COVID Policy

 Effective: August 31, 2021 

RTB is doing everything it can to create safe environments for volunteers and staff. As we commit to our mission of supporting homeowners and businesses in need, we will implement the following policies to mitigate COVID spread.
  • Staff, AmeriCorps members, homeowners and volunteers must wear face coverings for indoor builds regardless of vaccination status.
  • When staff, AmeriCorp members, homeowners and volunteers are outside, they may remove their mask, but will be asked to practice social distancing during builds.
  • RTB will provide face coverings for all builds.
  • RTB will require proof of vaccination of all RTB staff members.
  • All staff and volunteers will be asked to complete and verify a symptom checklist in advance of any build
  • If a staff or volunteer experiences symptoms of COVID leading up to or on a service day, they will not be allowed to participate in a build.
  • RTB will work with build day sponsors and other volunteers to assess the vaccination status for service day activities.
  • Homeowners or businesses receiving services must disclose vaccination status during the RTB application process.
  • Home or business owners who are eligible for vaccination will be strongly encouraged to be vaccinated by build day.
  •  RTB will work with community partners to provide information about vaccination sites near the home or business owner.
  • If a homeowner or business has a COVID exposure within the household or business, RTB reserves the right to postpone a build.
  • RTB will work with homeowners and businesses to implement mitigation strategies to prevent risk of COVID exposure. This will include but will not be limited to opening windows throughout a project for all indoor projects to increase air exchange in the home.
  • RTB will monitor and be responsive to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Commonwealth of Massachusetts state and City of Boston COVID guidance, and will adjust policies as needed based on this guidance.