Radcliffe Story

Ms. H is a retired registered pediatric nurse. She worked at Boston City Hospital from 1985-2006. After leaving Boston City Hospital, she became a visiting pediatric nurse, where she did three visits a week for infants returning home. A woman of many interests, Ms. H went to culinary school to become a chef, and now she teaches culinary classes to seniors and children at Haley House. She loves that she can combine her nursing and culinary school and has so much fun with the kids.

Ms. H contacted RTB after seeing another Build on Radcliffe Street. This Build will allow her to feel more secure in her house. It brings her to tears to know she will be able to get the help she needs and will allow her to live with peace of mind.

By the end of the day, Boston College Human Resources’s team on National Rebuilding Day made her home both healthier and safer by:

- Repairing brick patio

- Mortar around foundation crumbling, cracks for mice, needs to be patched all around the house

- Backyard cleanup, weeding

- Securing and staining porch

- Replacing raised bed replacement

- Cleaning out the gutter

- Replacing and rehanging some interior doors

- Resealing and replacing windows

- Installing new thermostat

- Repairing and replacing kitchen counter and sink

- Repairing and replacing flooring